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No horsing around with this change project!

No horsing around with this change project!

15 May 2019

As proud sponsors of Catherine (Cat) Neil and the wonderful Mr Darcy, we’re learning that the games of change and equestrian riding have many parallels!

Just like any change management initiative, Cat (let’s call her the change specialist) understands that it’s critical for Mr Darcy (the client, audience or user) to have a program that’s ‘right-sized’ and takes into account all aspects of engagement and readiness to prepare Mr Darcy for success.  Activities include:

  • Plan & tailor a support program to meet the need of the client, audience, or…horse!

  • Create a communications plan – and language - which is simple, clear, timely, and repeat, repeat, repeat.

  • Deliver the training – for individual needs, and in different ways, which portrays the ideal behaviour or outcome.

  • Anticipate risks – and have a plan for ‘what ifs’ ; and

  • Maintain calm, elegance, control.

As a change lead, training specialist and equestrian rider – all in one – Cat is continuing to have success with her approach, having had a great start to the 2019 show season.  Standby for more details!

Meanwhile, take a peek at the fabulous duo preparing for a recent ‘go-live’.